Joyce Stahl

Throughout her creative life, Joyce has drawn inspiration from the humorous, the magical and macabre. With an artistic career spanning nearly 30 years, Joyce began her professional artistic journey as an illustrator and muralist. In 2006, Joyce found her passion for creating whimsical, one-of-a-kind Halloween art dolls. Joyce conjures her Little Enchanted Ones with a swirling of lush fabrics, layerings of antique laces and gatherings of silk ribbons. Lovely trimmings of vintage buttons, Victorian beads, hand sculpted accents and hand dyed wool adorn her Enchantlings. Working in cloth, paper clay, spun cotton and papier-mâché, Joyce artfully combines her mediums to create her hauntingly eerie and enchanted world, as she breathes life into her cast of mischievous and magical characters.